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It’s 2:00 am

One of your customers has been up all night trying to treat her 2-year old’s ear pain. She is desperate for medication and cannot afford to wait until 9am for the pharmacy to open.

She needs to have access to medication for her child now!

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Pharma 24H has the answer

The customer’s buying experience drives 57% of the reason why they remain loyal and repeat buy from you.

Pharma24H – technologically advanced pharmaceutical vending machines allowing you to service your customers 24 hours a day.

Extend your customer’s buying experience to after hours

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Your customers want to enjoy supporting your business. Pharma24H vending machines make it easy for you to provide your customers 24-hour access to medications that treat the unexpected medical urgencies. Don’t let the unwanted headache, ear pain or stomach cramp impact on your service offering.

Find out how we can provide you access to a PHARMA 24H vending machine.

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Pharma24H making 24-hour service possible