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Business Offering

  • Pharma24H vending machines can be purchased or acquired via a rental agreement. We offer ongoing support, training and full service contract.

  • Pharma24H machines can also be branded in your store brand or a product sponsor

  • Pharma24H vending machines can be configured to dispense the appropriate medication to assist your customers in their time of need. Our machines can also be equipped with touch screens, cash and credit card facilities.

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Terms and Conditions

Pharma24H will:

  • Supply appropriate machines per specs required

  • Transport and install machines per requirements

  • Provide technical and operational training to owners and staff

  • Equip machines with credit card readers and touch screen if required

  • Provide onsite support and ongoing training

Client Requirements:

  • Provide suitable site
  • Provide access to electrical point
  • Provide access to data point